Tandem Down Under

The real FAQs


FAQs – FREQUENTLY (!!!) Asked Questions


Knapp 180 Tage unterwegs in Australien.

Folgende Konversation findet (ungelogen) mindestens 10x am Tag in exakt dem gleichen Wortlaut statt und beinhaltet die 11 FAQs. Manchmal vermissen wir jedoch Nummer 11.


180 days on the road in Australia.

The following conversation takes place at least 10 times a day (without exaggerating) and includes the 11 FAQs. Sometimes we miss number 11 though.


1. „That’s a great rig/ripper/machine, isn’t it?“ or „That’s an unusual bike, isn’t it?“

–> „Well, her name is ‚Pino‘. We love her.“

2. „How far do you travel?“

–> „We are cycling all around Australia. From Darwin to Darwin. We came down the West Coast, crossed the Nullabor, cycled around Tassie and now we are cycling up the East Coast (Yes, we know it was downhill along the West Coast. It’s uphill now though)

2.1 „You crossed the Nullarbor on this?“

–> „Yes and we loved it. It was great.“

2.2 „You must be crazy!“

–> „Well, we prefer the word ‚adventurous‘.“

3. „Do you take turns?“

–> „No ‚cause the lighter person (still Steph) has to sit in the front (due to balance)(And YES, SHE HAS TO PEDAL as well).“

4. „Is the bike custom made?“

-> „No, you can buy it like that. It’s from a German manufacturer called ‚HASE“ (German for ‚rabbit‘).“

5. „Did you bring the bike over?“

–> „Yes, you can split it. We put it in two ordinary bike boxes.“

6. „How many kilometers do you do a day?“

–> „It depends on the wind, heat, mood, hills, sights… Between 0 km and 230 km.“

7. „You must be very fit, hu?“

–> „Well, our legs are pretty strong. We get sore arm muscles when we throw a ball though.“

8.“Where do you sleep?“

–> „We just pitch our tent wherever we want to.“

9. „Reckon you’ve seen more of Australia than most Australians.“

–> „Yes, we definitely think so.“

10. „How is the traffic?“

–> „No problem at all. Except of one stupid driver (he came way to close with his caravan) and two blokes who yelled at us („Get off the f*** road“).“

11. OUR FAVOURITE QUESTION (we don’t get tired of answering this one):

„Do you wanna have a cold beer, an apple or biscuits?“

–> „Jackpot!!!“ (Thanks to all the lovely people we’ve met so far on the road!)